The following tests are a compilation of exam questions reported by candidates.

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Your web was really useful for me! I did all the tests and the day of the exam, I realized there were a new 10 exams! I did the exams! I cannot believe all my questions were from this 10 exams! So thanks very much! I passed my test!!!


Tatiana E., Manchester

A HUGE thank you to all, who put this page together and looks after it well. I’ve passed my test today and as others said, all the questions were from here. This website is just amazing!!!! I’m just so happy I found it to start off with. Without it I wouldn’t have passed the test, as the book is simply not enough. Thank You!


Zsuzsanna Williams, Addlestone

I really appreciate this website it has helped me pass the life in UK test at once and straight forward without even buying the books, I tried to study and mastered all the chapters online and passed at first attempt. Thank you

Laura Smith, Birmingham

I passed my Life in the UK test last Saturday. I prepared myself for it with your website and it was so helpful! The questions were pretty much like the ones in the sample exams you provide. A couple of them were slightly reformulated (What was used in Victorian times to stimulate trade and What was the Right of Bills for, the rest were just like yours). The formats in which you present them are just like in the exam so I feel very grateful for your initiative and effort to keep this updated.

A.V., Brighton

Yesterday I passed the test. Thank you very much for your website and practical test. It has been very valuable and relevant. Some of the questions on my exam where:

– Which year did men and women get the right to vote at the same age of 21? 1928

– Which Scottish King defeated the English at the battle of Bannockburn in 1314? Robert the Bruce

– What is the name given to the famous cricket game between England and Australia? Ashes

Catherine B., London

Hi, I have just passed the test! It was easier than I thought and what I was practicing on this website. I recommend it to everybody.It is very good. Good luck!

Noemi Anas, Hull

Many thanks for this site. So many tests online…..did help me a lot to be prepared for the exam…and not only that…I have learnt UK history mostly thanks to the online tests. Really appreciate it!

Raimonds Rupeneits, Reading

I have passed my test today and I would like to say thanks to admin. This is a very useful website I just prepared the test here and I was surprised that 99% of the questions I had prepared from here. Thanks again and I would like to recommend everyone who wants to pass the test to practice here.

Ali C., London

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